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3Tech Performance

Head Packages


Head packages for all models
Done on an exchange basis.
Min. 2-3 week delivery.

Performance/economy head packages, 89-up 3cyl. In the head package, you get a completely rebuilt, ported and polished head, machined for high compression. It includes a high performance cam of your choice. During rebuild, the stock cast iron valve guides are replaced with high performance bronze manganese guides, and new viton seals are installed. The valve seats are ground to 45 degrees, and the valves are ground on three angles, and polished for increased flow. The valve grind is an excellent compromise of performance and longevity. All valves are hand lapped during final assembly. The head mating surface is machined for high compression, 9.5-1 to 10.5-1, or higher by special request. Intake and exhaust ports, and bowls are ported, with the greater emphasis being on the exhaust side, for increased exhaust flow. The hydraulic lifters are removed, disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and re-assembled. Any defective/worn lifters are replaced. In the economy head package, the performance cam is replaced with the econo cam, and intake porting is minimized.

With the head package, you get a proven 3tech performance cam of your choice.
The price, in USD is, $425/exchange + shipping (typically $40-$50 within Canada/US)
As well, you can send your head for custom modification.
Optionally, 1 piece polished stainless steel exhaust valves are available at $50/set.
Further customization is always welcome!

With all orders, please check for core availability.