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3Tech Performance


.5mm oversize swirl polished SS
Sold as sets only
16 pcs $240

G13 (Swift GT)
SS non polished
Set of 16 valves $160
Exhaust only $100

SS non polished (both int/exh valves are SS)
Set of 6 valves $60
Exhaust only $30

G10 Swirl polished SS
Set of 6 valves $75
Exhaust only $40


G10 rebuild kit
Includes 6 SS valves, 6 bronze manganese guides, and 6 viton seals.
Swirl polished valves add $15

G13 rebuild kit
Includes 16 SS valves 8 guides (usually only exhaust side needs replacing), and 16 viton seals.
Oversize polished SS valves add $65
G10 guides $5 ea and Seals $1 each