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Johnny Mullet
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I got a rust-free 91 Metro 4 door with a 3 cylinder automatic with no title. I been wanting to do something like this for a long time :rocker

My full intention of this project is to keep the original drive train on this vehicle and make it a mud buggy capable of tackling the roughest terrain. Many of you know I mud my 4X4 truck at Yankee Lake Truck Night and even made the Season 1 Truck Night DVD.........

This project is starting with a 1991 4 door 3 cylinder automatic with a solid chassis...........

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This car will be converted into a "pickup truck" complete with a roll bar and complete under body skid plate. It will look very similar to this image I found on the net as far as the body goes.........

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I plan on running tall, aggressive ATV tires and need to come up with the proper combo for ground clearance and traction........

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I have some time to do this project, so it will be a slow, but steady process.

Everyone is free to chime in with their ideas and suggestions to help me accomplish the task at hand.

Stay tuned!

I am also interested in sponsors if anyone is interested in sponsoring the project in any way possible.

So far the things needed would be................
Roll cage - Thanks Coyote X for the help!
A custom triple stack header - Thanks MM Products!
25x8x12 six ply ATV tires - Thanks Coyote X!
Spare auto trans - Still need!
Spare auto axles - Still need!
Control arms - Still need!

95+ Sedan springs - Done by me.
Engine parts - Thanks 3Tech!
Frame bracing - Thanks Turbine Tech!

This is going to be fun! Not only will this be a fun Mud Machine, it will make a great "Bug Out Vehicle" if the shit hits the fan :drivin

If you do not care to go through all the pages of the project, here is a "Start to Finish" Movie........

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