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none of those exhaust s pictured above are "headers"
they are all exhaust manifolds of one type or another
why ?

real "headers" have equal length primary tubes
the volume of the equal length primary tubes is
the engine displacement divided by the number of cylinders
the displacement of 1 cylinder

in a 10G geo metro header , the volume of 1 primary tube should be
331 cc

diameter of the primary tube should allow / force exhaust gas velocity to be right about 300 feet per second
at the rpm that the header is designed to provide peak performance at

the rpm that the header system is "tuned" for

it's just a word , words are our friend s - they all have meaning .

the 02 sensor must be mounted in the collector
not in a primary tube
if the ECM is to be in fuel control of the engine , not in fuel control for 1 cylinder

does it matter ?
hell yes
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