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Glowshift or SunPro tach for 3 cyl 1.0; eBay Glowshift tach broken
Topic Started: Feb 1 2009, 10:46 PM (4,375 Views)
Bad Bent
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Facetious Educated Donkey

I wanted a tach for the Wife's '96 Geo Metro, 3 cyl. 1.0. Glowshift and Sunpro offer tachs for 3 cylinders.

I bought a 7 color Glowshift tach for $50 off eBay from Glowshift.com (aka TheNeonEdge.com.) The gauge was not in the display package properly, slightly askew. I had to wait 5 days to install it and trusting it would be OK I did a really nice installation. Had to drill the base to install the 18-22 gauge wires. VERY small and SHORT wires. The instructions did not match the pdf file on the web site. I got a tach reading off the brn/blk coil wire and using a switched +12V in an unused socket. It did not work, I emailed Glowshift Support. They said they had no '96 Geo Metro coil wiring instructions. I sent them pictures of the tach running (300 rpm at high idle) and what I did to try to fix it. Now I'm past the 14 day return date. But I don't think the gauge is the isssue. It's Christmas, a 3 day week. I hear from them, another "tech" is working on the problem. New Years, a 3 day week. I sent details of the problem again and what I did to try to fix it. I talked with the supervisor for 30 minustes on the phone. No suggestions. Their Jan. 27 email: "Sorry about the tach if you need any other gauge please feel free to let me know maybe we can work something out. Thank You for everything."
Over the past month I had cut wires, removed stickers from the back of the gauge, drilled a hole in the base and wrote on the instructions. Basicly, I'm screwed for returning the gauge. I'm out $50. If I was able to return it I'd only get $42.50 (plus subtract my shipping). After 14 days?, yep, it's FINAL. I'm :shit out of luck.

Glowshift policies: You must call and inform us of any issues with-in 14 days of delivery of your merchandise. • After 14 days of delivery, all sales are final. • If exchanging or returning: products, they must be returned in the NEW condition with the original boxes, all original materials, and instructions manuals. • Products returned damaged or in unacceptable condition will be returned to the customer without exchange. • All returned, non- defective merchandise carries a minimum restocking fee of 15%.

SUNPRO. I just bought a Sunpro 3-1/2" gauge. The wires are 12 gauge, 3 FEET long and come with splicing clips, they have complete instructions and even instruct you on how to "FUNCTIONAL QUICK CHECK" the gauge BEFORE installing. SO professional. If I need to return it I have to prove purchase and "If possible, return the product in its original package with cables and accessories." They offer out-of-warranty repair. Sweet.

I installed a 5" SunPro tach in my '91 and was getting the Wife some bling for her '96. NOT! I lost $50 on Glowshift. You can try one if you really want the colors but return everything in perfect condition in 14 days if it doesn't work. There's no support advice for our 3 cylinder engines. They won't tell you but TEST any Glowshift gauge before installing. Don't trust it.
Edited by Bad Bent, Feb 1 2009, 10:58 PM.
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I just bought a tach too for my 1994 Geo Metro 1.0. Its the OLD MODEL SUNPRO CP2012.....the new ones only work for 4,6,8 cyl....the CP2012 works on 2,3,4,5,6,8,10 cyl engines. I installed it and it works great!!!! I got it off ebay for $38 and free shipping. I was surprized to find that is super accurate....on the highway, at exactly 65 MPH, on a level grade I'm turning 3,350-3,400 RPMS.......however "looks at the mullet" when I mentioned my car has high idle problems I was right.....its like 1500-1900 RPMs when its warmed up and when its cold its like 1000-1500 RPMs....what the hell???
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Bad Bent
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Facetious Educated Donkey

You got one of those 4! So did I! Ths guy's in Oregon. OK, tomorrow I have to install it, that's motivating enough. Thanks chad8329.

Incidently I painted the winter wheels of both our cars. Hers are red and mine are yellow except that I have the Hubcap Mike moon disks on and they all but covers the wheels.

That idle thing. When it's cold it thinks it is warm. When it's warm it thinks it is cold. Test the EGR? Vacuum leak? Just replace the hoses.
Cold and thinks it's warm, low air flow and it gives low gas. Some sensor is sending a high temp signal to the ECM.
Warm and the ECM is giving it more gas.
Your OBD doesn't send any code?
I'll try to come up with more.
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I know this is an old thread, but might I suggest that if you want a 3 cyl tach, just buy an instrument cluster off ebay that has the tach and resettable trip. I changed my cluster with one with a tach. I just had to reset the mileage on the odometer, but it looks very factory and is plug and play.
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Col. Potter

i like the clean look of a tach cluster... but dosent the odo. go with it.... so when you sell the car you have to re title it as "not actual miles"???

Thats why i like my I-equis tach... it works from 1-12 cyl... of course im thinkin i got to reprogram it.... its saying that im taching out at 71,000... oh well we'll see what happens.
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How did you reset the odometer?
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Murf 59
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I put the Glow shift taco in my rocket and I think I still have the instructions. If I can scan it into my laptop, I'll post it here. If I can find this thread. Sometimes it takes a while for me to find these again.
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