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94 metro; Battery won't hold a charge
Topic Started: Jan 19 2011, 12:16 PM (646 Views)
Fresh Fish
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My son has a 94 Metro and the battery won't hold a charge. He can drive around for a few days and then it is dead. Any suggestions?
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I would check the alt first, then start checking for shorts or anything being left on.
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Id take the car to advance auto parts and have them load test it for free. Batterys can act stupid when they are going bad.
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Welcome to your new forum, keebler! :coffee

All of the above. I've had parts stores test my battery and alternator. I'm so-so on trusting them but the advice us usually sound. It would be good to clean all the connections between the Alternator and battery and make sure the Alt. belt is tight.

If the belt is loose it will make noise. The best way to get rid of the high pitch squeal is to pull the belt and clean the pulleys. I used a wire brush and a quick shot of brake parts cleaner. :)
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Fresh Fish
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brand new battert,
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The first thing I'd check is if the alternator is charging.

Do you own a voltmeter? If so, check the voltage at the battery terminals while the engine is running. You should see around 13.5-14 volts.

If you don't own a voltmeter, buy one--they're not very expensive, or just take the car to a parts store that offers free alternator/battery testing.
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current drain -
a KISS version
disconnect the battery at night , reconnect when you need to drive the car , disconnect again when not using the car

the battery does NOT get discharged following the suggestion above
something in the car is staying awake and "turned on" , you need to find out what it is

assuming the alternator is functioning as designed AND there is not voltage drop between the alternator and battery
see voltage drop sticky at the top of this forum

current drain
you are allowed no more than 75ma drain ,or less than 76ma , lower is better
key in your pocket
, every thing "off" including the dome lights , (doors closed, stereo off)
you can measure with the current function of the new DVOM but don't because you will screw up and pop the fuse
every rookie does .
Radio shack has 10 watt 1 ohm resisters , cheap , cheaper than a fuse for a FLUKE DVOM for sure
or use a 1 ohm resistor in series with either battery cable , measure voltage drop across the resister
since E = IR or voltage = current (in amps) times resistance ( in ohms )
since resistance = 1 ohm then voltage must = current
E = I voltage = amps.

if you see more than 100mv or .1 volts do NOT touch the resister until it cools off , unless you want to remove your finger prints
pull fuses 1 at a time until current drain drops below
the offending fuse powers up the circuit causing your problem
so voltage across the resister = the current drain
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