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How much to do an engine rebuild?
Topic Started: Oct 28 2011, 03:44 PM (16,133 Views)
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OK. I seem to have a habit of snapping bolts. So I'm not even going to ATTEMPT and engine rebuild.

How much would be the average cost to get someone else to do it? Ballpark, give or take $100.

Any good places to recommend in the Northern Virginia area?

Rings and valves on a 3 cylinder.

do they charge by the cylinder?
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Case of beer? I think I was quoted 3 grand for a remanfuctured one from jasper.
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Turbo3 and Twincam Tweaker

having my block disassembled, checked, hot tanked, soda blasted, honed, and reassembled by a local machine shop known for top notch work cost me $612.

i supplied all the bearings, seals, and gaskets except the thrust bearings. i also had the shop bore and tap holes in the block for my knock sensor and turbo oil return and use the turbo3 pistons and rods i supplied. they also supplied the rings and resleeved the #2 piston bore due to a deep score.

i have nothing against rebuilding an engine myself but their work also came with a 2 year/ 28,000 mile warranty. also, the engine that resulted from that work is absolutely top quality. it was super tight for about the first hour or so of the short break in and now has amazing compression. cranking the engine over with the starter to build oil pressure, it went "thumpa, thumpa. thumpa!" i knew it was going to be impressive right then and there. :thumb

mike cove/ 3 tech performance did my head and cam. i'd highly recommend him - he knows what's what with the suzuki stuff and his cams are majik! :rocker

ball park figures for a warrantied g10 rebuild, complete - $750 to $1000 parts, machining, and labor.
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Fastest Hampster EVER

$1,000,000 seems reasonable to me.

But I'm cheap so I would do it for $250-$300 and it will run with 47-51 MPG on a G10.

Your cost depending upon how much manual labor you decide to do. If you don't want the hassle then $600-$700 sounds reasonable.
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BillHoo, from time to time guys will sell rebuilt engines. I think PAFRAMEFIXER,ETC does that for a living, you just need to send him your old one.
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I took mine to a local mechanic for a full rebuild, supplying no parts, and paid $1200, and felt I got ripped off badly.
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Strange Mechanic

You don't know what it will cost till you get your old one open and spec out the parts.

It could be that all you need is a gasket set\rings\head bolts - or you might need a whole lot more . . .

Hell, I've done enough of these engines that I wouldn't mind building it in my basement for a little $ and some help, if you're into that kind of thing.
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I guess it depends on what you want. If you want an absolutely as-new motor in your car, then expect to spend $1000+ on a motor plus install. If you just want a motor with good compression that doesn't use a bunch of oil and runs nice, then you can spend less and have your motor rebuilt in situ.

Around here (Pacific NW) there are a few guys on Craigslist offering drop-in rebuilt G10s for about $1000.

I rebuilt mine for about $350. They are REEEEALLY simple. The bottom end on these motors is pretty tough, it's the heads that have trouble. I bought a rebuilt head on Ebay for about $200, rings and bearings were another $75 or so, new head bolts, and a gasket set.

Took about 3 hours taking my time.

All you really need is a socket set, a cylinder hone, a couple screwdrivers, and a torque wrench.

They are really kind of fun to rebuild. Very doable for the novice, especially with the advice here.
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Geo Glenn
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What's in your engine?


t3ragtop is the closest on vendor labor. jeaaurther, who doesn't post his extensive projects, has reported to me that he spend $1500 on his last full meal deal engine overhaul. Parts for my last premium quality overhaul were in the neighborhood of $600, with about $300 worth of parts it didn't need. Labor was all Geo Glenn.

In my honest opinion, the best guy in the world for Geo Metro heads is 3Tech. He know what does what, and how to do it right. Many flavors of heads are available from Mike.

I might add, as an academic point, you can install the best overhauled long block in the world, and still have system problems.

Intake manifold - carbon, mineral deposits from engine coolant and EGR passages.

Throttle body - fuel injector operation and cleanliness, center gasket leaks and pressure regulator corrosion.

EGR valve - carbon

Exhaust manifold - corrosion, cracks and EGR passage blockage

Valve cover - usually filled with stuff you don't want in your freshly overhauled engine.

Water pump - how long will it last?

Timing Belt - While you're at it.

Oil Pan - rust, impact damage.

Distributor - Inner seal and bearing? No internal leaks?

Alternator - Drive End bearings are the main thing to fail on the OEM Mitsubishi Electric Alternator. Easy fix, but it takes time, or a rebuilt unit can be $175 or more.

Starter - Still working?

Clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, throwout bearing, pilot bearing - Still good?

Engine Mounts - worn, torn

Hoses - how long will they last - coolant and vacuum

If all of your engine and closely related systems are in good condition, and your car is otherwise running well, installation of a new long block will keep your Geo Metro running for a long time.

Mr. JellyBeanDriver just turned over the clock on his Metro to 400,000 miles this week. I'm pretty sure he keeps up with routine recommended maintenance.

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Oct 28 2011, 04:28 PM
Case of beer? I think I was quoted 3 grand for a remanfuctured one from jasper.
Holy crap, you can buy one from the dealer for 3K!
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Coche Blanco
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Troll Certified

I did mine for...around 300 dollars. (including 200 for a manufactured head) But I don't expect it to last 100k.
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Basic GearHead

I did my own. Parts(pistons, rings, pins, bearings, seals, oil & water pump, clutch, hoses, oil, coolant, etc), machine shop work (boil/clean, hone, true, line bore, install piston pins, polish crank), & 3Tech performance head package was just a hair under $1300.00

$1000 - $1200, for a stock install ready build, with warranty, sounds pretty good.
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Memphis metro

Loaded question. Many varibles to your answer. It all depends on what you want and who does the work. The term engine rebuild (and what is done during a rebuild) can mean many things to many people. The cost is determined by what amount of work is performed.
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Fastest Hampster EVER

The last rebuild I did on my G10, I spent about $200 on parts. My labor. I think I have driven it well over 80K without any problems. Most folks on this forum will tell you I am a cheapo. I don't like paying anywhere near top dollar for stuff. I'll reuse parts until they break or fall off the car. And when I'm real creative, I'll go to the PnP and score a broke down engine with good pistons. I don't recommend that to anyone, it is just something I am comfortable with. The G10 is easy to work on if you have the time, tools, and know how. One step above a lawn mower engine. ^o)

I would place my engine up against anyone elses in terms of durability. Performance, (off the line starts) is a totally different story, because I go for fuel economy instead of horsepower. Plus I baby my car while I drive it.

I think you are now getting a clear picture of what you can expect price wise on a G10 engine rebuild/overhaul. Anywhere from $200 up to $1500. Just depends on what you want to put into it and how much time you have to do the work.
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My "rebuild" cost a couple hundred. Mostly rings, gaskets and goop. Took me the longest cleaning up all the carbon. You really need to invest in a torque wrench for the crank bolts and head bolts. Just about everything is aluminum so you can't he-man these bolts on. Everything has a torque, but if you use common sense you won't break bolts.

I really really really hate having anyone touch my engine. They seem to never know what they are doing, don't have the experience, end up breaking something, and never use the right tools.
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