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Check Engine Light Guide
Topic Started: Sep 10 2008, 07:47 PM (45,530 Views)
Johnny Mullet
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Fear the Mullet

If you have a pre-1996 Metro and the "Check Engine" light on and would like to find out why, you need to access your fuse panel and look for the diagnostic port. Insert a spare fuse into the port and then turn your key to the "ON" position. The check engine light will then blink a 2 digit code over and over. It may display more than one code also. Simply count the flashes for the code.

1-2 (Code for no faults found)

This is a picture for the diag port connection...........

Posted Image

Here is a code chart...................

1986-1995 Metro/Swift TBI fuel injection

13 - O2S Circuit
14 - ECT Sensor Circuit
15 - ECT Sensor Circuit
21 - TP Sensor Circuit Signal Voltage High
22 - TP Sensor Circuit Signal Voltage Low
23 - IAT Sensor Circuit
24 - VSS Circuit
25 - IAT Sensor Circuit
31 - Pressure Sensor Circuit
32 - Pressure Sensor Circuit
41 - Ignition Fail-Safe Signal Circuit
42 - Crank Angle Sensor Circuit
51 - EGR System & REGT Sensor Circuit

1986-1995 Metro Swift Multi-Point fuel injection

13 - O2S Circuit
14 - ECT Sensor Circuit
15 - ECT Sensor Circuit
21 - TP Sensor Circuit
22 - TP Sensor Circuit
24 - Speed Sensor Circuit
33 - Air Flow Sensor Circuit
34 - Air Flow Sensor Circuit
41 - Ignition Signal Circuit
42 - Crank Angle Sensor Circuit
51 - EGR System & Recirculated Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit
52 - Fuel Injector, California

If your Metro is 1996 or newer, then your car is equipped with the OBDII system and will require a scan tool to get the code. Please note that most local parts stores will scan your OBDII system for free and if you go this route, please make sure you get the actual code # from the scanner. Here is a list of all 1996-2001 Diagnostic Trouble codes..................

1996-2001 Metro/Swift OBDII

P0106 - MAP Circuit Performance Problem
P0107 - MAP Circuit Voltage Low
P0108 - MAP Circuit Voltage High
P0111 - IAT Circuit Range/Performance Problem
P0112 - IAT Circuit Voltage Low
P0113 - IAT Circuit Voltage High
P0116 - Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance Problem
P0117 - ECT Circuit Voltage Low
P0118 - ECT Circuit Voltage High
P0121 - TP Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Problem
P0122 - TP Sensor Circuit Voltage Low
P0123 - TP Sensor Circuit Voltage High
P0125 - Insufficient Coolant Temperature For Closed Loop Fuel Control
P0131 - HO2S 1 Circuit Voltage Low
P0132 - HO2S 1 Circuit Voltage High
P0133 - HO2S 1 Circuit Slow Response
P0134 - HO2S 1 Circuit No Activity Detected
P0135 - HO2S 1 Heater Circuit Malfunction
P0136 - HO2S 2 Circuit Malfunction
P0141 - HO2S 2 Heater Circuit Malfunction
P0171 - Fuel System Too Lean
P0172 - Fuel System Too Rich
P0300 - Misfire Detected
P0301–P0304 - Misfire Cylinders 1–4
P0335 - CKP Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P0340 - CMP Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P0400 - EGR Flow Malfunction
P0420 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold
P0440 - EVAP System Malfunction/Gross Leak Detected
P0443 - EVAP System Purge Control Valve Circuit Malfunction
P0450 - EVAP System Pressure Sensor Malfunction
P0451 - EVAP System Pressure Sensor Performance
P0455 - EVAP System Malfunction, Large Leak Detected
P0461 - Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Performance Problem
P0463 - Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Voltage High
P0480 - Radiator Fan Control System Malfunction
P0500 - VSS Malfunction
P0505 - ISC System Malfunction
P0506 - ISC System RPM Lower Than Expected
P0507 - ISC System RPM Higher Than Expected
P0510 - CTP Switch Malfunction
P0601 - Internal Control Module Memory Checksum Error
P0603 - Internal Control Module KAM Error
P0705 - Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction (A/T)
P0720 - OSS Circuit Malfunction (A/T)
P0751 - Shift Solenoid ‘‘A’’ (No. 1) Performance Or Stuck Open
P0753 - Shift Solenoid ‘‘A’’ (No. 1) Electrical (A/T)
P0756 - Shift Solenoid ‘‘B’’ (No. 2) Performance Or Stuck Open
P0758 - Shift Solenoid ‘‘B’’ (No. 2) Electrical (A/T)
P1250 - EFE Heater Circuit Malfunction
P1410 - Fuel Tank Pressure Control System Malfunction
P1450 - BARO Sensor Voltage High/Low
P1451 - BARO Sensor Performance Problem
P1460 - Radiator Cooling Fan Control System Malfunction
P1500 - Engine Starter Signal Circuit Malfunction
P1510 - ECM Back-Up Power Supply Malfunction
P1530 - Ignition Timing Adjustment Switch Circuit Malfunction

If you need help with any of these codes, please don't hesitate to start a new thread and describe the problem. It's better than throwing money away on unneeded parts.
Edited by Johnny Mullet, Sep 7 2012, 08:14 PM.
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