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I need help from you tech guys; Turn a computer into a personal laptop.
Topic Started: Jan 9 2017, 02:45 AM (315 Views)

So bare with me. This might not even be possible.

What I'm thinking is that I hook my cell phone up to my TV as a bigger screen. I get a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I download Microsoft word and excel app. I then can type and do everything onto my phone, but through the TV..... IS THIS POSSIBLE???

*The back story is that I only have one internet provider and they are slow. (also a past due amount on the address that is not mine.). So I decided to use my phone as a mobile hot-spot. I have 10 gb of high speed. Well I somehow used 1 gb in an HR just surfing the web. (I was doing the same amount on my phone, and it used a fraction of that.) So I'm thinking of bypassing the hot-spot. *

If this is possible, I understand that I will have to upgrade my cell.

Is this just wishful thinking? I'm an idiot with technology.

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If you have something like a chromecast, you can cast your cell phones's screen to a TV. So if you are web browsing or looking at videos. You will see it on the TV.

Here is the "no" part. Your phone will not have the resolution of a full computer. So using microsoft/excell are going to be useless.

You can buy used Chromecasts for like $15 to $20 if you want to experiment. But it's not what you think.
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bass heads

You need a phone like I have. I have the Microsoft Lumia 950xl, with the dock you can plug into any tv/monitor and use it as a full pc except for legacy programs due to the ARM processor. It has all the office programs that most places use, word, Excel, Power point yada yada.

What type of phone do you have?
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I've considered doing this with my phone once I move out. You do not necessarily need a new phone but more phones probably can't than can. I have a Nokia C7 astound. My headphone jack is capable of sending mono sound and and RCA style video output with an adapter. Use my USB-OTG capability to run a keyboard off my USB port, pair my blutooth mouse with the phone over blutooth and plug a 2mm charger into the phone! The resolution would still be 640x360 so any old ~20 inch CRT TV would be perfect for the monitor. Yes Horn, if your phone has the capabilities this would work.

Plus Microsoft office was included on my phone so that would work fine too. It will be at a low resolution yes, but be no different than using Excel on my 1994 laptop. Like ZXTjato said if you're going to get a new phone to do this, Windows phones are probably a better bet than Android or IOS.
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Mine is a cheap one. I expect to buy a better one.

I just really hate windows, unless it's like a pee windows 8, but might do it. Seems like a goof option. I will look up that phone. Resolution doesn't bother me too much. As long as it looks OK.

I just looked up chromecast. It is an option I might look into, but not exactly what I want. I really want whatever is on my cell screen to be on my TV.... Even home page.
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The laptop may have been doing updates through the hotspot and burning through the data. My GF uses her phone much like you are doing. You can turn off updates on "Metered Connections" so updates will not download over your phone's WIFI hotspot and burn through the data like no tomorrow. If this happened, I am guessing that the computer went though an update process the next time you powered it down or reset it.

Also, you can do exactly what you mention but I would check into the "Metered Connection" deal first. Many phones these days have a small HDMI port or can do HDMI through the USB, USB-C, or Lightning ports. They are all different so you will need to do your research first. A buddy of mine does exactly this through his iPhone 5s and iPhone SE. He gets unlimited streaming media through certain services that doesn't count against his data plan so does exactly this.

There are many ways to do this. You don't need to be locked into Windows if you prefer something else. I am an Android guy personally but this can be done through Android, Apple, or Windows. Windows phones are generally solid and high quality but do not have near the app support as Apple or Android so would suggest one of those two.

If you don't want to spend a ton on a phone, I suggest seeing if a slightly older model such as the Galaxy S5 will do this. I would rather own a somewhat dated flagship than a cheaper new model. Many of those cheaper newer models are a POS and don't last all that long. I have been there, done that. I like the fact that the Galaxy S5 is water resistant. The S6 is not and then this feature returns in the S7. You might also wait a couple months as the Galaxy S8 is about to come out and they may be dumping the S7.

The Google Pixel is another nice option for a flagship phone. I would personally opt for the XL version as I have found that I really like the extra large screen of my Nexus 6.

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Thanks. I have a monthly (no contract) plan through cricket.

If I go this route, I can upgrade my plan to an unlimited high speed plan for $5 more. Now I can't have this plan and hot-spot. That is maxed at 10gb plan.

This is why I thought of doing this

I probably did do some updates. Every time I turn that damn computer on there is an update. I'll look into disabling that and see the usage.

But if I could turn my phone into a personal computer, I could stream more.

I could always hack my phone to become a mobile hot-spot without paying, but I'm sure they would find out.
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Be careful with those unlimited plans from the smaller providers. A lot of times you're unlimited in total quantity, but anything above 10G a month is slowed down drastically, they call it "throttled".
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No. This is a completely unlimited high speed. I'm currently on unlimited, but only have 10gb of high speed as you bring up.

I can't get the unlimited high speed and hot-spot.... Only throttled and hot-spot.
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