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Side Window scratches / scuffings; Metro Vert 1993
Topic Started: Mar 1 2017, 12:44 PM (347 Views)
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Geo Metro, 1993, 3 cylinder, convertible, 5 speed

Don't know what they are called, but inside the top of the door, towards the center of the door, is a roughly 3/4 inch square of felt (something fabric-like) which I think is designed to prevent the window from rubbing against the door, or to prevent the window from vibrating, not really sure what it does.

This piece of felt (whatever) seems to have etched or scuffed a line vertically about 3/4 inch wide stretching from the bottom of the window up straight almost to the top, over the years leaving a mark that has worsened each time the window is rolled up or down.

It sort of looks like a piece of masking tape was applied at the center of the window running up/down and then was peeled off leaving a glue mark. But this is not from masking tape, it is from the glass side window rubbing against the felt thing inside the top of the door.

Does anyone else have this problem, and are there any solutions to it. I'd like to buff it out, but do not want to make new scratches in the glass.

Any ideas / suggestions / comments are much appreciated.


Doodlebug. Bill

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You have perfectly described what almost every Metro vert owner has experienced.

The square pad is actually made of soft brush like material which gets clogged and matted with grit over time. It turns into a hard surface that scratches the window ever time you open or close it. The frameless design if the window means added pressure is on the glass surface when the door is closed and the convertible top is up. Once scratched, the glass is usually not polish able, even with jeweler rouge.

I replaced my driver glass with a new one for $250.

The pad was removed, soaked in dushwashing liquid to soften the brush material and fluffed back up so it was soft and clean. After reinstalling the pad, I put a narrow piece of clear tape on the glass, along the vertical path the pad would contact the new window when winding it up and down. It looks funny up close but it will avoid future scratches and serves as an early warning for recleaning the pad
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I'm not sure which you're referring to--there's the one with the felt mounted on a piece of metal, and the other one is felt mounted on a plastic piece. I can order the ones mounted on plastic, but the felt/metal is no longer available.

PM me if you're interested.
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Sorry for running a dead thread, but I'm looking into replacing the glass on my vert for the same reason. Will a regular geo metro glass work, or will i have to purchase new?
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Has to be a convertible for it to fit
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