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Loss of Power; Car has very little power when attempting to accelerate
Topic Started: Jan 8 2018, 06:01 AM (181 Views)
Fresh Fish
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I have a 1999 Metro 1.4L Standard Transmission and recently it has very little power when I attempt to accelerate. When going up hills I had to shift down to maintain speed at times as low as 3rd gear and down to 35 mph on the Interstate. At first I thought it was due to the cold weather because we were experiencing temperatures of -9 degrees with the wind chill it was -29 degrees. However we are back to temperatures in the 30's and 40's and I am still experiencing very little power when accelerating and when trying to maintain a speed it will often chug or lurch like as if to almost die but when I accelerate it usually stops. There is also a weird groan let out at certain times I noticed mostly when driving slowly through parking lots. I have replaced the spark plugs because on first inspection they were pretty burnt up. I have just recently obtained the vehicle and do not think much upkeep was done in the past. I am sure that any area I look will reveal some maintenance needed, but I am trying to locate the source of the one causing issues at the moment. Also has a hissing noise when first started sounds like a tire losing air this stops after about 2 minutes of idling.
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MR1 Kingsbury
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Welcome to your favorite Metro Maintenance source. You will find all things relevant and many that are not....

First things first with you current issue. with unknown or undone previous maintenance on your "new car", you should complete a compression test... there is a specific procedure to obtain best and accurate numbers. the tool can be borrowed from the part store...

Here's the high points: Take all plugs out. remove fuel injectors' relay/fuse. hold throttle wide open. keep battery strong. Crank for about 4-6 seconds (meter will top out). Each cylinder in turn checked.
Post your numbers here.

Check for obvious breaks in vacuum hoses, or 'hacked' wires and connectors. Confirm intake pipes are clear of obstruction. also do a low speed coast test to make sure brakes are not dragging.

Do you have one fuel line feeding the throttle body or is it multiport injectors? Pretty sure you have no distributor with coil over plugs.

oh and your engine is 1.3 if its a 4 cylinder. do you have a sedan or hatchback?
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First...Welcome to the Fun... :greet
As mentioned by MR1 Kingsbury, your engine should be a 1.3L MPI if it's a 4cyl.
There are a lot of problems in which can cause this, and doing the compression test to see how healthy your engine is is a good way to start:
And since you didn't mention there was a check engine light on, these are a few other things to check;
Engine grounds...
Battery cables and connections
Throttle Position Sensor and wires/connector...
Weak or restricted fuel pressure...
Plugged up catalytic converter, or restricted exhaust (though it should give O2 codes)...
Clogged air filter...
Loose or stretched timing belt...
Alternator drag...
Map sensor seal leaking...
Just to mention a few...

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Any chance you are "close" to the Cheyenne WY area? Depending on where in WY you are, I might be close enough to you to drive out and help in person :D

Plenty of things we can check, test (although I can't find my Compression Tester :'( ), and clean up before throwing $$ at replacement parts :cheers
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